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Athletic Performance & Sports Nutrition

Regardless of age, gender, health, level of expertise, and prior accomplishments, proper nutrition can be the X-Factor that enables one to have a killer physique and tremendous overall health . While some complain that life is simply too busy to allow for healthy eating or that proper eating is a real bore there is no escaping the fact that a good physique and overall health begins and ends with good nutrition protocols.

Compounding this issue is the difficulty in navigating the complex landscape of faulty nutrition routines, fad diets, and expensive (and often under performing) weight loss strategies that can leave an individual's metabolism in a lethargic state of dysfunction. Simply, even those who realize the importance of healthy eating often turn to the wrong nutrition program, resulting in a feeling of dysfunction and metabolic degradation. In fact, metabolic damage is becoming increasingly common among individuals routinely involved in dietary manipulation. Metabolic damage can have an alarming impact on all individuals, especially those hoping to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase energy, and enhance quality of life.

David groundbreaking research on nutrition, metabolism, and hormone levels allows him to customize a nutrition program that will take your results to the next level. From enhanced recovery and muscle repair to improved levels of conditioning and body composition, fine-tuning your diet diet can significantly improve overall health, body composition, speed, power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscularity, digestion, ability to focus, and sex life. In fact, nutrition can be strategically altered to optimize the body’s endocrine function and hormone production. Combined with effective training protocols, an effective diet can increase testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 and other anabolic hormones as well as offset the detrimental effects of cortisol, estrogen, and insulin which is a byproduct of poor nutrition habits.

With multiple nationally recognized sports nutrition certifications as well as scientific research and education in physiology, biomechanics, and performance nutrition, David is highly qualified to consult and assist with your nutrition goals. Contact David today for one-on-one nutritional guidance.

Nutrition Anchor
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