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Functional Training

  • 1 hour

Service Description

What is Functional Training? Functional training is a type of training that focuses on movements that help you function better in your everyday life. For example, a deadlift can help you train to pick up a heavy Amazon delivery box off of your porch without pulling a muscle in your back. Here are beginner, intermediate, and advanced functional training moves that will pack a punch! Before diving into the workout, I always recommend foam rolling and stretching first to prepare you for the workout. Beginners can perform 12 reps and 1-2 sets, intermediate exercisers can perform 12-15 reps and 2-3 sets, and advanced exercisers can do 15 reps and 3 sets. What are the benefits of functional training? #1 Improved Healthy Movement Intentionally training in each movement pattern that your body was designed to use will help to keep you from creating muscle imbalances that can result in pain, tightness, and poor movement patterns. #2 Daily Tasks Get Easier Bending over to pick things up, climbing stairs, pulling open unreasonably heavy doors (seriously, why do they do that to us?), picking up squirming toddlers, putting your suitcase in the overhead storage on a plane, and all of your other daily tasks will no longer challenge you physically like they used to. #3 Reduced Risk of Injury As you practice good movement patterns, you’ll realize that you use that same good form to perform similar tasks outside of the gym. This will lead to fewer injuries from poor movement. #4 No Fancy Equipment Required You can often just use your bodyweight or grab household objects to add resistance. It can help to have a sandbag or dumbbells, but they’re not necessary. That makes this workout fantastic to do on-the-go! #5 Increased Strength and Overall Fitness When you exercise regularly, you’re bound to get stronger, have better endurance, and improve your overall fitness. Go figure! #6 Weight Loss Functional training is great for weight loss since it uses compound movements. This means that you’ll burn more calories in one single exercise than you would doing just a single joint exercise. Winning! How Often Should You Do Functional Training? Training at least two days per week is necessary for muscle and bone health, but you can train this way up to 4 days/week if your body recovers well and you feel energized each time you workout. Functional training is a fantastic way to stay fit, healthy, and strong for everyday function!

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